COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Joan Cunningham, Diane Turrill, Mohammed Yasin, Rick Anglickis


1. Meet with Joe Mazurkiewicz, President BJM Consulting regarding the feasibility of incorporating Lehigh Acres. Work would be done in three stages. 

          A. Financial Analysis: to see if Lehigh would be in the plus or minus financial position after five years.  This would include all general fund income and expenses.  Estimated revenue from Lee County and the State of Florida and estimate Franchise Fees paid by utility companies.  FGUA does not pay franchise fees. 

            B. SWOT Analysis:  determines the strengths and weaknesses of incorporation.  For example, improving a highway contributes to the ease of public services such as police, fire, ambulances.   A weakness could be lack of sidewalks.

            C. Cross Analysis:  Estimates how much Lee County would lose if Lehigh was incorporated.  Type your paragraph here.

            D. Suggested that all paper work must be filed before September in order to get on the 2018 ballot. 

2. Form a Political Action Committee to raise the money needed to incorporate. 

3. Form multiple committees of different diverse community and business leaders to present to the community. Provide a public forum for questions as well as multiple social media outlets.

          4. Produce a strong media front in both print and media to support reasons for incorporation

          5. Create a list of public forums and groups to present to from June- Sept 2018 to respond to incorporation questions. This would include social, business, residential, and professional groups.