As you may know the Lee County School Board is picking a new site, tentatively at its June 6 meeting, for the next high school serving Lehigh Acres. The choices are district owned properties at Joel Boulevard and Tuckahoe Road in Alva and at Griffin Drive and SR82 in Gateway.
It’s time for Lehigh Acres to pour its support into one of the sites, so please attend the June 6 meeting and state your support during public comment time. Alva Inc. recommends the Alva site and a curriculum focusing on elemental science and agricultural studies to take advantage of thousands of acres of Conservation 20/20 lands, the Greenbriar Swamp, and numerous creeks in the area that could be used for field studies and projects.

For more information on the Alva site visit: THE BUTTON UNDER THIS BOX, which will take you to thier facebook page, and click the “FILES” tab, at the top of the page, under the photo.

You can also email the school board members with your support for this site, which is endorsed by the Lehigh Acres Community Council, Lehigh Acres Architectural Review Board, former Lee County Smart Growth Coordinators and others. I hope you will encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same!

Here are the email addresses for school board members:,,,,,,

Please share your thoughts with The News-Press Mailbag and the Citizen as well!

Please call Don Ruane of Alva Inc. at 693-8563 or by email at if you want more information or have questions.

 Thank you!

Lee County School District picking a site. Tell them about Alva!

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